Flag of Vanuatu

Flag of Vanuatu

The flag of Vanuatu features two horizontal bands of red (top) and green (bottom) with a black isosceles triangle based on the hoist side. Inside the triangle, there's a yellow Y-shaped figure that extends from the center of the flag outwards, separating the black and the red and green bands. The triangle contains two crossed namele cycad fronds encircling a boar's tusk. The yellow Y represents the pattern of the islands in the Pacific Ocean, the black stands for the Melanesian people, the red symbolizes their blood and unity, and the green denotes the richness of the islands. The boar's tusk stands for prosperity and the traditional culture, and the crossed fronds symbolize peace.

Colors: Red Green Yellow Black

Attributes: Triangle Triangle on hoist Country Plant

Continent: Oceania

Capital: Port Vila

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